April 5, 2024

How Will Double Eyelid Surgery Change My Eyes

How Will Double Eyelid Surgery Change My EyesVideo transcript: Why do our patients request double eyelid surgery? It's usually because they have creases sometimes and not others.When they do have creases they seem to like the open eyed appearance it gives. It makes it much easier to apply make up and it allows for a framing of the eye that gives the illusion that the yes are more open. It's interesting that many of our patients and I always ask them this.Many of our patients actually have family members who have well formed creases and they wished that they looked like their brothers or their sisters. I don't think that somebody necessarily wants to look different, it's just that they really enjoy the shape of their eyes when they have their intermittent creases. They would just like to make that permanent. Many of our patients actually create a crease by using tapes, glues or other non permanent techniques.They really like the way that crease looks and they just would like to have that be more permanent and not have the hassle of having to apply very specific types ofmake-upsand glues in order to achieve that.Often with double eyelid surgery once the crease is well formed it actually causes the eyelashes to rotate upward slightly and that makes them more visible and again probably frames the eye in a more dramatic fashion so they look a little bit bigger. The truth is the eyes are not bigger it does not actually change the position of the eyelids themselves but it does gently pull on the eyelid base such that it rotates the eyelids a little bit.

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