April 5, 2024

How We Select Patients for Rhinoplasty

How We Select Patients for Rhinoplasty

You might think you are a good candidate, but does your rhinoplasty surgeon? Many patients think they are interviewing their surgeon, when in fact it is often the other way around. It is your surgeon's responsibility to assess you and decide if cosmetic surgery is a good idea or not. Learn the ins and outs of what Board Certified rhinoplasty specialist Dr. Buonassisi is actually looking for when he evaluates a patient's candidacy for rhinoplasty surgery in the above video and in his own words below.

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Before we continue on with Dr. Buonassisi's words on surgery candidacy, we would like to mention that at 8 West Clinic, we believe at the forefront that educated patients are happy patients, and this is why Dr. Buonassisi has compiled his 20 years experience performing rhinoplasty into a must read eBook. This is an essential tool for anyone considering cosmetic nasal surgery. Download your free copy now.

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What Does it Mean to be a "Candidate" for Rhinoplasty Surgery?

The following is Dr. Buonassisi's explanation of what he looks for to determine what makes someone a candidate for rhinoplasty."What type of patient would I consider doing surgery for? I think an ideal patient is someone who has a feature that I really can fix predictably, someone who also has expectations that are realistic. I also think it is very important that patients understand how a rhinoplasty works.I think they do need to be informed enough and research the topic enough that they understand the principals that I present to them during the consultation. So they do need to ask questions that ensure in my mind that they understand what they are getting into.I also think that they need to have features that I really can change and sometimes patients will request changes to the nose that are not physically possible or that they wont be able to see because of the thickness of their skin for example and I think that in those situations I don't usually agree to perform surgery."

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