April 5, 2024

Double Eyelid Surgery Techniques: Incisional or Suture

Double Eyelid Surgery Techniques: Incisional or SutureVideo transcript: With the two different techniques for Double Eyelid surgery a crease is formed in the upper eyelid so it separates the eye in two portions. This is why its often referred to as double eyelid surgery.With the suture technique a very fine stitch is used to compress the skin down to the muscle that makes the eyelid open, that creates the crease. The stitch is very fine and is left behind, underneath the skin where you don't see it.With an incisional technique the crease is formed by incising the eyelid along the position of the new crease and that is measured very precisely. And then the tissues underneath are attached to that incision line. Again with stitches, the stitches are ultimately removed and what's left behind is a scar that forms between the underlying muscle that lifts the lid and the overlying skin.So with the incision technique a scar creates the crease. With the stitch technique a single, very small stitch causes compression of the skin to create the fold.So there are two separate techniques and some are in some ways one is advantages over the other depending on the patient's situation.So there are advanatages and disadvantages to both techniques.

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