April 5, 2024

Designing the Double Eyelid Surgery Crease

Designing the Double Eyelid Surgery CreaseVideo transcript: The design of the upper eyelid crease greatly affects the final outcome in terms of how natural it looks. Most people who have a double eyelid crease have a fairly low crease and so when we make it surgically or when we create it surgically, we typically like to keep those creases fairly low.The shape of the crease varies from person to person as well and the way the crease blends into the corner of the eye is something people need to take into consideration. Sometimes the crease will end above the corner of the eye and sometimes the crease will blend into the corner of the eye. And that is something that a patient can choose certainly with the incisional technique. It's less predictable how the crease will form with a suture technique.In order to achieve a natural result, we want to make a crease that you would expect to see in that person if it had occurred naturally. Generally those creases are low to medium in height and they blend inside the upper canthal fold or the corner of the eye. So that is the most common crease shape when it occurs naturally. So in order to get a natural result we want that crease to look the way it would naturally.

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