April 5, 2024

Can I Have a Hollywood Tip?

Can I Have a Hollywood Tip?

Besides long lashes and glowing skin, one of the most coveted facial features among Hollywood celebrities is a refined tip, and this is where consideration of rhinoplasty starts for many a patient. From Beyonce to Blake Lively, reshaping the very end of your nose can make a big difference to your overall appearance. But is your nose ready to make its red-carpet debut? Board Certified rhinoplasty specialist Dr. Buonassisi talks about important things to know about tip refinement, and gives an honest answer to the achievability of a celebrity nose job in the above video.

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Things to Know About Tip Refinement

1. Tip refinement—a collection of surgical techniques that target the tip of the nose—is one of the best ways to achieve an elegant, sophisticated result through rhinoplasty. From tilting the tip up to narrowing a boxy tip, tip refinement is often combined with other rhinoplasty procedures like hump reduction for the most beautiful, natural-looking results.2. There's a misconception among patients that tip refinement is simple, with less cost and recovery time than a “full-blown” nose job. In reality, tip refinement is very challenging compared with bridgework. With hundreds of different techniques for refining the end of the nose, it's important to choose a surgeon with the skill set and experience to select and perform the right procedure for you.3. Targeting just one part of the nose is never a good idea. While your main objective may be tip refinement, a skilled surgeon will assess every part of your face—taking other factors like gender, height and even career/lifestyle into account as well—and make recommended changes for the most attractive, natural-looking result.4. Tip refinement is very rarely done on its own. The process usually involves subtle surgical changes to the bridge of the nose as well, along with tip rotation to get the best result.5. The nasal tip constitutes an area of the face that naturally changes over the time, tending to droop as we age. For this reason, you'll want to work with an expert who will recommend safe changes—and use grafts when necessary—to ensure your new tip holds its shape and position for years to come.6. You may have certain facial features that make it more challenging to get a refined Hollywood tip—for example, thick skin. As such, one of the most important parts of the rhinoplasty process is choosing an expert who will manage your expectations regarding what can be achieved given the limitations specific to you.Tip refinement can make a wonderful improvement to your overall appearance. Chances are that a certain degree of tip refinement is possible for you. Contact 8 West Cosmetic Surgery to find out more.You Might Enjoy

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