Facial Slimming

Facial Slimming

Proper Diagnosis is Key: Facial Slimming Achieved with a Combination of Treatments Depending on the Patient’s Anatomy

There are a number of anatomical reasons that the face can appear to be wide or chubby. Facial Slimming for Dr. Buonassisi’s Vancouver patient’s usually involves a combination of surgical and/or non surgical procedures, depending on the patient’s anatomy.

  • Hypertrophic masseter muscle which makes the jaw look wide – experienced injectors with extensive surgical anatomy knowledge can inject neurotoxins directly into the masseter muscle and over time it becomes smaller and less prominent
  • Buccal fat which makes the cheeks look puffy – the fat can be removed in a procedure called buccal fat removal from the inside of the mouth leaving no visible scars, or in some cases (depending on the patient’s face) adding volume to the mid face can create a more heart shaped facial appearance and de-accentuate the jaw
  • Propensity to store fat under the chin or neck which make that area look undefined – A double chin surgery can be performed to tighten the platysma muscle
  • Lax platysma muscle (under the chin) that creates a poor neck angle on profile view
  • Flat cheeks or lack of volume in the mid face – can accentuate a wide or chubby looking face – adding dermal fillers to the mid face can create a more heart shaped appearance and de-accentuate a wide jaw or chubby cheeks

Who is Facial Slimming For?

Japanese facial slimming and Asian facial slimming have become common terms because people of this ethnic background may inherit genes from their parents that make them susceptible to having large masseter muscles and the propensity to store buccal fat. However, this procedures is not only for Asian patients. Many patients of all types of backgrounds may be good candidates for this procedures if they feel their face is too round, wide or chubby.

What Treatment is Right For Me?

That will depend on your facial anatomy, and if you prefer surgery or not. Aside from the treatment itself, the consultation with Dr. Buonassisi is by far the most important part of the process. We suggest you begin the process by taking advantage of our pre consultation – let us review your photos and provide some preliminary recommendations and cost information.

What is the Recovery From a Facial Slimming Procedure?

The recovery time really depends on what treatment is recommended for you based on your consultation with Dr. Buonassisi. In general, non surgical treatments have a shorter recovery than surgery with patients back to regular activities immediately but possible bruising or swelling that can last about 1 week. Facial slimming surgeries have approximately a 1 week recovery. We would be happy to help assess your face and make some preliminary recommendations during a complementary pre consultation.