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Many non surgical options are available for improving skin, reshaping the face or body or improving overall wellness. Our mission is to help you Love Your Skin INSIDE & OUT, which is why we have a team of Plastic Surgeons, Registered Nurses, Medical Aestheticians, Nutritionists, Makeup Artists and Patient Care Managers. We are passionate about results and perform treatments in our medical aesthetic centre in Vancouver, BC. We encourage you to begin your research process by scheduling a complementary Visia Skin Analysis Consultation. Have your skin thoroughly analyzed and learn about your options. Keep reading to learn more about our non surgical services including:

Skin Rejuvenation

What on earth is skin rejuvenation? This is a commonly used term that broadly describes the various treatments for rejuvenating the skin and face, ultimately making it look younger. With the myriad of options available at your drug store cosmetics counter, local spa, neighborhood medispa and dermatologist office, it is no surprise if you feel a little confused. We provide the comprehensive set of surgical and non-surgical options for face and skin rejuvenation, with a 15 year history of success and thousands of procedures performed. Patient satisfaction has a great deal to do with how well they are informed and that’s why we wrote this page – to help you understand the complete landscape of skin rejuvenation options available.

What Types of Skin Rejuvenation Services Are Available?

To begin with, it helps to separate treatments into surgical and non surgical:

  • Surgical: cosmetic surgery such as eyelid lift or facelift, are procedures that are usually performed just once, produce a dramatic and permanent improvement, but have a longer downtime
  • Non surgical: treatments such as the ones we delve into in detail on this page, produce subtle improvements, are usually delivered in a series of multiple treatments, with results that are sometimes temporary, but have little to no downtime

If our patient’s objective is to manage age related changes, the best results are often achieved by combining surgical and non surgical treatments, or by combining the various types of non surgical treatments. For example, brown spots go hand in hand with textural changes such as wrinkles and fine lines: the pigment browns are best tackled with IPL while the wrinkles and fine lines are best addressed with laser skin resurfacing and/or neuromodulators, depending on the case.

Non Surgical Skin Rejuvenation Treatments, Categorized

At 8 West Clinic in Vancouver, BC we offer the complete spectrum of surgical and non surgical options for skin rejuvenation. When it comes to non surgical skin rejuvenation treatments, they can be organized into these categories. Each of them treat a specific type of age related change.

  • Visia Skin Analysis: Quality consultations are based on a proper analysis and this is what we offer to all of our patients using our state of the art photographic technology which analyzes each patient’s skin based on several age related characteristics. Start off with a Visia skin analysis consultation.
  • Reds and Browns: this refers to the IPL (Intense Pulse Light or in our case Broad Band Light) treatments that fade away brown spots and other types of darkened areas of the skin known as hyperpigmentation.
  • Vascular: Treating the appearance of reds and browns such as talengiectasias (spider veins) and cherry angiomas using vascular laser treatments.
  • Skin Resurfacing: Laser skin resurfacing or chemical resurfacing (chemical peel) for smoothing the outside layers of the skin to improve the appearance of static fine lines and wrinkles (the ones that are there when our face is at rest), acne scars and other scars. Read more about skin resurfacing options.
  • Skin Tightening: Plumping and increasing the density of the skin by stimulating collagen production using skin tightening treatments.
  • Neuromodulators: Also called neurotoxins such as Botox and Dysport, these tiny injections effectively treat dynamic wrinkles – those that form when we make facial expressions such as frowning.
  • Volume Replacement or Face Reshaping: As we age we lose volume in our faces which causes shadowing especially around the mouth, sagging features and skin folds such as naso labial and marionette lines. Dermal fillers and PRP (platelet rich plasma) are wonderful options for smoothing out lines and folds and accentuating facial features.
  • Skin Care Products: Either drug store brands or medical grade which contain medical strength prescription medications such as retinol and hydroquinone for improving the outside tone, texture and color of the skin.
  • Age Prevention / Anti Aging: A new area of aesthetic medicine thanks to advances in laser technology, treatments like the Forever Young BBL are shown with a Stanford University research study to actually change the way aging related genes are expressed. Sun screen is also a simple way to prevent against the vast majority of skin changes that are a direct result of sun exposure.

As a Patient, How Do you Navigate the Options and Choose a Treatment That Will Work?

There are many options available for dealing with the common age related changes that occur in the face. They range from minimally invasive (with subtle incremental improvements and little downtime) to invasive (with dramatic improvements and longer downtime). Properly diagnosing the anatomical reasons for aging is essential for developing an effective treatment plan. Understanding anatomy and how the face ages is key, and as a team of specialists that includes a facial plastic surgeon, this is something that we excel at.

For example, if your poor mento cervical angle (the one that goes from the chin to the neck and is sharp, lean and long on some people, and blunt, full and short on others) is due to a lax platysma muscle, Kybella injections won’t help, but a platysmaplasty will. This is a situation where balancing our patient’s objectives with their tolerance for downtime is important. The gold standard for treating a lax platysma is surgery: there is a very high chance of creating a dramatically improved appearance of the double chin area with long lasting results. However, some patients just don’t want surgery. If the patient isn’t open to surgery but still desires an improvement, then tightening the skin envelope with skin resurfacing in combination with stimulating collagen with skin tightening, may produce enough of an improvement to satisfy the patient.

For anyone who has spent thousands of dollars on a treatment that just didn’t work, this highlights the importance of a quality consultation with a medical clinic that offers the comprehensive set of services for skin and facial rejuvenation. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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