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8 West Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Clinic is proud to be the home of facial and skin rejuvenation professionals who are at the top of their field, which includes our highly qualified medical aestheticians and aesthetic nurses.

Equally as important as their skills and experience, our team also develops long-term relationships with their patients. This is so we can have a comprehensive understanding of your skin, its conditions, and its evolution through treatment. This allows us to tailor your treatment plan to best achieve your individual aesthetic goals.

Our medical aestheticians and registered nurses offer a comprehensive and complimentary consultation to discuss your desired results, and provide quotes on your treatment plan.


Benefits of NCTF BOOST 135HA


So, why do we love NCTF BOOST 135HA? This topical nutritive solution also known as the New Cellular Treatment Factor® is an innovation from France-hailing Laboratoires FILLMED, which has been developing medical-grade skin solutions for physicians and professionals around the world since 1978.

Formulated with over fifty active ingredients in each vial, NCTF BOOST 135HA boasts a whole host of benefits in a course of treatments with virtually no downtime, and is flexible for use either in a more targeted manner, or in general to give the skin a boost of essential nutrients that improve skin health and cellular function on the whole.

NCTF BOOST 135HA holds proven results that include:

  • Smoothing of fine lines
  • Deduction in wrinkle volume
  • Reduction of sun spots, redness, dark circles
  • Restoration of skin radiance and glow
  • Deep nourishment and hydration
  • Reduction in pore size
  • Increased density of the skin
  • Enhancement of collagen synthesis
  • And improved overall skin health


Am I a Candidate? 


NCTF BOOST 135HA is an incredible option for anyone, but is also great for those who do have some targeted concerns. In particular, you might find yourself a candidate for this treatment if you’re looking to:

  • Reduce signs of sun damage and aging on the face, neck, or décolleté such as dark spots, redness, fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, or dark circles
  • Improve your skin’s nutrition and overall health for better hydration and “plumpness”
  • Prep the skin for higher-powered laser resurfacing treatments like HALO
  • Enhance the collagen synthesis process and boost the results of in-clinic treatments like RF microneedling
  • Achieve “that glow” as a bride or ahead of any other special event
  • Rejuvenate dull, fatigued, and fragile skin after recovering from injury or illness
  • Achieve the results of mesotherapy

While NCTF BOOST 135HA provides an overall benefit to all skin types, we do have other treatments available that are designed to specifically target those more advanced skin concerns. 

Treatments such as our HydraFacials and Biologique Recherche Facials are ideal zero-downtime treatments for an instant skin refresh, with treatments like MOXI Laser and Potenza RF microneedling going in a little bit deeper. If more advanced signs of aging and sun damage are your concerns, treatments such as Wrinkle Relaxing Injections, Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser and BBL Forever Young are ideal for reducing lines and wrinkles, clearing complexion, and boosting collagen and elastin for fresh, firm, and flawless skin.



How is it performed? 


NCTF BOOST 135HA is a simply performed topical treatment (no injection required) done by one of our expert medical aestheticians, who will combine an application of the nutritive complex with a session of either medical microneedling, or radiofrequency microneedling using the Potenza system. Depending on your treatment plan, you will receive one of two types of NCTF treatments:

Ideal to target the first signs of aging and prevent further age-related damage to the skin; an intense skin makeover that results in the reduction of fine lines, ultra-hydration, skin tightening, an antioxidant boost, and overall improvement of radiance.

This protocol is specifically designed to be performed in a minimum of three sessions on a strict Day 1, Day 15, Day 30 schedule to deliver optimum results. A session begins with the application of a topical anaesthetic to numb your skin for optimum comfort. With a chemical peel of AHAs and BHAs being administered by your medical aesthetician, which is evenly applied on the surface of your face and is allowed to sit for under 10 minutes. This is then followed by a full microneedling treatment with a simulataneous application of the NCTF solution. A microneedling pen glides over your face with the aid of the NCTF solution as its ultra-fine needles gently and painlessly penetrate the skin. The controlled micro wounds will stimulate your skin’s natural healing processes to produce more collagen and elastin. The use of NCTF helps turbocharge those processes through the targeted nutrients that it supplies.


Ideal as a deeper treatment with the benefits of radiofrequency and for those looking for more advanced skin tightening; also an alternative that can mimic mesotherapy.

In this RF microneedling treatment, your medical aesthetician will be using the Potenza system and taking advantage of its unique Fusion Tip technology. Instead of a microneedling pen, this treatment is performed with a motorized handpiece connected to a machine that is passed across the skin in a quick yet gentle stamping motion while the NCTF solution is applied topically to the area as your medical aesthetician performs the treatment. Ultra-fine insulated needles deliver radiofrequency heat to the dermis as the skin is penetrated with each stamp, and the Fusion Tip then releases air towards the skin when the needles retract, driving the NCTF solution deep into the skin. Topical anaesthetic will have been used to numb the skin. The use of NCTF allows the deeper layers of the skin to use this cocktail of ingredients and further fuel collagen synthesis and deepen hydration.

How NCTF BOOST 135HA works


Our skin requires various different ingredients to be effectively supported from within. NCTF BOOST 135HA’s innovative polyrevitalizing complex with hyaluronic acid plus more than a total of fifty essential active ingredients works to nourish the top layer of the skin while optimizing an environment for fibroblast activity in the dermis. This results in a natural increase in collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid levels to ultimately reveal healthier, radiant skin.

These ingredients were carefully selected to work in perfect synergy with each other and include:

  • Hyaluronic Acid (a non-cross-linked sodium hyaluronate polyrevitalizing solution) – hydrates and plumps the skin
  • Antioxidant (glutathione) – fights free radicals
  • 24 Amino Acids – help build the proteins elastin and collagen
  • 12 Vitamins – stimulate collagen synthesis and neutralize free radicals
  • 6 Minerals – ensure balanced cell metabolism
  • 6 Coenzymes – stimulate the metabolic reactions of the cell
  • 5 Nucleic Acids – support DNA reparation


Now that we have an understanding of the ingredients in the NCTF cocktail and their essential roles in the cellular health of the skin, let’s break down how the two types of NCTF BOOST 135HA treatments work.


NCTF Peel & Microneedling Protocol: The highly regimented method of performing this course of sessions is the key to its process and to successful results. Studies have shown that by repeating the Peel & Microneedling treatment at a Day 1, Day 15, Day 30 schedule, it allows for maximum collagen production within the skin. This is based on the 2-week time frame of when a flood of growth factors deployed to the area reach a peak, which in turn can be taken advantage of and compounded upon by repeating the treatment. The ensuing avalanche effect allows for the most efficient production of collagen and elastin as possible.

At the treatment level, the action of immediately following the peel with microneedling is also important for maximizing results. With the peel performed as the first step, it encourages epidermal turnover and allows for the best penetration of product for the microneedling portion. Microneedling then works synergistically with the NCTF as it creates the controlled micro wounds that will stimulate your skin’s natural healing processes in the first place. The result is an optimized route to firmer, tightened, and brighter skin.


NCTF with Potenza Fusion Tip: Using the Potenza system and its Fusion Tip technology to perform an even deeper treatment is the ideal method of achieving more advanced results with NCTF. The Fusion Tip attached to the end of the handpiece allows any product on the skin at the time of treatment to penetrate significantly deeper. Its patented pressure technology does this by using a dual-air chamber in the Fusion Tip to create a suction, which efficiently draws the topical NCTF straight into the channels that were created where a needle tip was inserted in the skin. With radiofrequency serving as the gold standard for non-surgical skin tightening, Potenza is the world’s first 4-mode RF microneedling device that will help further achieve a visible tightening of the skin and effectively shrink pore size as it simultaneously delivers controlled heat energy deep in the skin.



What to Expect


An NCTF BOOST 135HA session is a medical-grade, result-driven treatment but is a comfortable, easy process with virtually no downtime. You’ll be in the clinic for up to an hour and a half for the treatment, which is inclusive of the time for your topical anaesthetic to be applied.

Once the treatment is done, it is normal to see immediate side effects that are typical with microneedling and sometimes RF microneedling, such as redness of the skin, sensations of heat, or some swelling. However, the nutrients in the NCTF solution will help to truly minimize these, and most clients will be able to walk out the clinic feeling fresh-faced and looking almost as if they didn’t even have a treatment done at all.

You’ll already be able to start seeing a brighter complexion within days while the initial healing process plays out through the first week or so post-treatment. As with any collagen remodelling treatment, the deeper healing process will continue over the following weeks, and you’ll begin to see your final results about 2 months after having your final treatment session. Depending on your treatment plan, your intervals of time between sessions will vary:

NCTF Peel & Microneedling Protocol: In accordance with the treatment protocol, you will have 3 sessions at 15-day intervals (Day 1, Day 15, Day 30). If needed, additional sessions can be added at 1-month intervals to maintain results. This treatment protocol can be repeated every 3-6 months depending on the patient’s skin condition.

NCTF with Potenza Fusion Tip: If your medical aesthetician recommends a series of sessions for your treatment plan (a standard treatment plan often consisting of 3 sessions), you will have them in intervals of every ~4 weeks.



Complementary Treatments


For other treatments beyond NCTF BOOST 135HA, we offer a number of skin and injectable treatments for a wide variety of skin concerns and conditions, including Wrinkle Relaxing Treatments, Dermal Fillers and laser resurfacing such as Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser or intense pulsed light therapy with Forever Young+ BBL. We offer free consultations with our medical aesthetics specialists who can suggest a range of treatments to reach your skin goals.



Learn more with a consultation


8 West Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Clinic offers complimentary consultations with all of our medical aesthetics treatment providers. During this consultation is when you can discuss your concerns, your aesthetic goals, and pricing. By the end of your appointment, you will have a custom treatment plan designed just for you, and you may even book additional time for optional treatment if you decide you would like this the same day. 

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a consultation or appointment, please call the clinic on (604) 733-1669 or complete this online form to receive a call back from one of our friendly patient care managers.