May 2, 2013

Will My Rhinoplasty Be Rescheduled If There is Bad Weather?

Will My Rhinoplasty Be Rescheduled if There Is Bad Weather or Traffic Conditions?Some times mother nature is cruel! If there is an extreme weather incident or natural disaster that is serious enough to shut down the majority of businesses in the city, then the surgery centre may be shut down as well. However, traffic delays because of accidents or out of the ordinary weather do not result in your surgery being postponed.The most important thing is that you research the weather report the day or morning before surgery and plan to leave extra early if weather conditions are expected. If you are running late, call the surgery centre immediately and if possible they will reschedule your case until later in the day – however please note that rescheduling isn’t always possible and that you should do everything in your power to arrive on time. If you miss your surgery and the surgery centre can not accommodate a reschedule, last minute rescheduling fees will apply.How to plan ahead

  • check weather conditions in the few days leading up to surgery
  • check traffic and weather conditions the morning of surgery
  • leave extra time and plan to arrive at the surgery centre early - you might end up sitting around for a little longer, but this will be far less stressful that facing the possibility of being late
  • plan ahead - take advantage of our pre surgery checklists which will help you be totally organized for your surgery way in advance

We are here to helpIf you have any concerns at all about making your surgery on time, please do not hesitate to contact your patient care manager.

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