June 11, 2013

Will I Need a Blood Test to Have Rhinoplasty?

Angie Buonassisi
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Will I Need a Blood Test to Have Rhinoplasty?Each surgery center has different requirements for pre-surgery blood tests. To ensure our patients are healthy enough for surgery, Dr. Buonassisi's patients are asked to complete a simple non fasting blood test to check their hemoglobin levels. Hemoglobin is a protein inside red blood cells that carries oxygen and is used to measure anemia. Please check with your surgeon if you have questions about your own surgery and if blood tests will be completed.Other common questions about blood testsHow will the lab know what test to perform?As part of your surgery preparation checklist, you will be provided with a lab requisition that specifies to the lab what to test for. The requisition also provides the lab with test result information so that your results will be sent back to Dr. Buonassisi's office automatically.Where will I have my test done?The test can be performed at any lab in your community and we will provide a list of locations at your request. We recommend www.lifelabs.com since you can book online (to avoid lineups) and the results are processed and returned to us quite quickly - usually within 48 hours.What if I have a low hemoglobin level?Your surgeon will determine what is an acceptable level and if needed you may be required to increase your level with iron supplements.I have had low hemoglobin in the past, should I tell my surgeon at the consult?Yes, discussing your medical history with your surgeon is important.When do I need to have this test performed?Most surgery centers required completed test results 3-4 weeks prior to surgery date and you should allow a minimum one week for test results to return from the lab.What if my surgery is less than 3 weeks away? Is it too late to have the blood test?It is not too late. It is uncommon to have iron levels that are low enough to require surgery to be rescheduled. Have your test taken ASAP so that you can be prescribed iron supplements if necessary. If you have a history of anemia be sure to discuss with with Dr. Buonassisi during your consultation.Related resources

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