June 11, 2013

Will I Have a Physical Examination Before My Rhinoplasty?

Angie Buonassisi
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Will I Have a Physical Examination Before My Rhinoplasty?Each surgery centre is different and all require at a minimum that a general health history be completed. Please check with your surgeon to find out if a physical exam or other tests will be requested.To ensure that our patients are healthy enough for surgery, we request that Dr. Buonassisi's patients have:

  • a basic physical: the basic physical is very simple and includes height, weight, blood pressure plus a history taken of: allergies, medications, family history, past illnesses and anaesthesia experience - the anesthesiologist reviews this information prior to your surgery to ensure you are in good health for surgery
  • a Hemoglobin blood test: to check iron levels - this is a simple blood test
  • ECG:Â some patients over the age of 50 are asked to complete a ECG to record the heart's electrical activity - this is a simple, painless test

When Does the Physical Exam and Blood Test Happen?Once the patient has booked their surgery all appropriate lab requisitions and test will be provided.Related resources

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