May 23, 2013

Who Should I Ask to Be My Rhinoplasty Caretaker?

Angie Buonassisi
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Who Should I Ask to Be My Rhinoplasty Caretaker?Because rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure, it’s important to enlist the help of a responsible adult to drive you to and from your surgery and spend the first 12 hours or so with you to ensure your comfort and care as you begin to recover. The following advice can help you decide who the right caretaker for you could be.Caretaker Check ListWhen it comes to choosing a caretaker, consider what they will be required to do for you immediately before and after your nose job:

  • drive you to and from the surgery centre on the day of your procedure;
  • wait for you while you undergo surgery – about four hours in total; and
  • stay with you for 12 hours after your surgery, most likely in your home.

Profile of a Perfect CaretakerGiven the above to-do list, it’s important you choose a dedicated caretaker who:

  • has a valid driver’s licence and a vehicle (or is able to drive your car);
  • can book the necessary time off work or school in order to help you;
  • is punctual, as you’ll need to arrive one hour prior to your procedure;
  • is flexible, since surgery times, traffic patterns and the weather may change;
  • is patient, since they’ll need to wait at the surgery centre for your procedure to be done, plus one hour after for recovery;
  • is comfortable staying with you, most likely in your home and most likely overnight;
  • is helpful and willing/able to pitch in with any tasks that need to be done in the first 12 hours after your surgery (i.e., cooking, light cleaning, taking care of children and/or pets if needed);
  • can familiarize themselves with your pre-/post-op instructions in order to know how to help you in your first 12 hours of recovery; and
  • is trusted to administer your prescriptions (if you need them) in the first 12 hours of your recovery.

Someone You TrustWhile you won’t likely be in any pain after your rhinoplasty surgery (most patients simply feel some fatigue and slight discomfort), you will be expected to stay off your feet (with your head propped up) and avoid doing much activity in the first 12 hours after your procedure – hence the importance of ensuring who your caretaker will be ahead of time.Also, with a cast over your nose and some potential bruising/swelling on your cheeks and around your eyes – not to mention some potential nausea – you’ll want to choose someone who won’t mind (and who you don’t mind!) seeing you at not-quite your best!Caretaker CandidatesMany patients choose a family member or close friend as their caretaker. For example:

  • husband, wife or partner;
  • parent or grandparent;
  • sister or brother;
  • best friend; or
  • close colleague.

Ultimately, it’s up to you who you choose as your rhinoplasty caretaker; the most important thing is making sure that the person you pick understands their responsibilities and is willing and able to take those duties on in order to provide you with the comfort, care and support you need before and after your surgery.Hired HelpIf you aren’t able to find a caretaker among your family and friends, simply ask 8 West to help hire a responsible, professionally trained adult who can drive you to and from your surgery and will stay with you for the first 4 hours of recovery to help as needed. This option is particularly helpful for out-of-town patients and those who may not have family or friends living in Vancouver.

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