April 9, 2013

When Can I Get Back to My Normal Makeup and Skin Care Routine?

Angie Buonassisi
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When Can I Get Back to My Normal Makeup and Skin Care Routine After Rhinoplasty?It is natural to want to apply makeup during the post operative period to try to disguise bruising and help you feel better in general. We understand that! They key is to avoid getting the cast wet. If the cast gets wet, it may fall off before it's intended removal date at 7 days post surgery.So while you can apply makeup and creams (but don't put them within 1 cm of the margin of the cast or near your columellar incision), you must be careful when removing them and use a cleansing cloth or eye makeup remover instead of water.

  • Eye makeup: You can wear eye make-up the day after surgery if you wish - just keep in mind that you should avoid getting your cast wet or damp during the first week - you can avoid this by using makeup removal pads on your eyes and avoiding washing your face with water until the cast comes off.
  • Disguising bruising under the eyes: Not all patients experience bruising but some do. If you can stand to just let the brusing show the first week after surgery, then that is ideal. If you really feel as though you want to try to cover it with concealer go ahead. Just keep in mind that when applied it should not come within 1 cm of the margin of the case, and you have to find a way to remove it without splashing water on your face - try cleansing cloths that you purchase from the drug store.
  • Skin products and face makeup: The same rules apply here: don't come within 1 cm of the margin of the cast when applying, avoid the columelar incision area and remove without splashing water on your face.
  • Incisions: Please don't apply anything to the incision aside from the Polysporin that is prescribed in your post operative instructions. This is the best product possible for its intended purpose: encouraging a nice scar that doesn't get dry or infected.

You can get back to your normal makeup and skin care routine once the cast on your nose has been removed at your one week follow-up appointment with Dr. Buonassisi. If you are an overseas or out-of-town patient, Dr. Buonassisi will teach you how to remove the cast at home at the one week mark.I am Here to Help Still have questions? Dr. Buonassisi's patients are encouraged to contact their patient care manager if they have any questions at all about their recovery.

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