June 21, 2013

What Lab Tests Do I Need Before My Facelift and How Do I Get Tested

Angie Buonassisi
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What Lab Tests Do I Need for Facelift Surgery and How Do I Get Tested?It is important that we ensure our patients are healthy enough to have surgery so we ask our patients to have two test:

  1. Hemoglobin test: This is a simple blood test used to measure the amount of hemoglobin in your blood - a protein that carries oxygen to your body's organs and tissues and moves carbon dioxide back to your lungs. Low levels of hemoglobin may mean that you have anemia. If your test reveals a low red blood cell count, you will be placed on iron supplements prior to surgery.
  2. ECG test (only required for patients over 50): An electrocardiogram, also called an EKG or ECG, is a simple and painless test that records the heart's electrical activity. With each heartbeat, an electrical signal spreads from the top of the heart to the bottom, causing the heart to contract and pump blood. The process repeats with each new heartbeat. An EKG shows:
  3. How fast your heart is beating
  4. Whether the rhythm of your heartbeat is steady or irregular
  5. The strength and timing of electrical signals as they pass through each part of your heart

What If There is a Problem With My Test?Anemia is relatively rare among facelift patients and easily treated - but it is a good idea to complete your blood test quickly (don't leave it to the last minute) so that if there is a problem, your surgery won't have to be rescheduled. Essentially - by discovering the anemia early on, there is time for you to get your iron levels higher with supplements prior to surgery.If a problem with your heart beat is detected, the treatment and weather or not this affects your surgery will depend on the situation. Once again - having your tests done early help.Please complete your lab test at least 3 - 4 weeks before your surgery or if surgery is less than 3 weeks away, complete it ASAP.How Do I Get My Lab Requisition?Once you have scheduled your surgery, your patient care manager will provide you with a lab requisition for your blood test and your ECG. The fastest and easiest way to complete your blood with is with Life Labs since the results are sent back to us directly and very quickly (usually within 48 hours). We strongly suggest you book online in advance so that you don't have to wait in line when you arrive at the lab. Click here to schedule a Life Labs appointment online.If you have any questions about your lab test please do not hesitate to contact your patient care manager at (604) 733-1669.This information is intended for Dr. Buonassisi's patients.


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