December 22, 2012

What Is an Open Roof Deformity and How Is It Avoided?

Angie Buonassisi
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What Is an Open Roof Deformity and How Is It Avoided?The best way to explain an open roof deformity is to start by explaining hump reduction rhinoplasty. On profile view, a large dorsal hump causes the nose to look like it has a big bump. The hump is removed with a scalpel - essentially a slice of bone is taken away. After the bone is sliced away, the nose looks great on profile view. However, on front view, the area where the bone used to be looks flat (and this flat spot is called an "open roof" - you can watch a video that explains closing the open roof step by step).A flat spot is an undesirable outcome, so the open roof is closed with osteotemies which bring the nose bones closer together so they meet in a smooth fashion  - thus correcting the "flat" spot.The dicussion of open roof deformity often comes up when patients require a large hump reduction but are concerned about having osteotemies. They are sometimes under the impression that these fine bone cuts are painful and increase the healing time. On the contrary, osteotemies are safe, don't affect the recovery time in a material way, and are essential for getting a great rhinoplasty result in large humped patients.Related Resources

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