July 21, 2016

What is a Short Incision Facelift?

Before and after of Short Incision Facelift procedure by Dr. Buonassisi.
Angie Buonassisi
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If you are considering have a facelift, you've likely been doing some research and learned that there are several different varieties of this incredibly transformative procedure. A short incision facelift is just one of the rejuvenation procedures that Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Buonassisi specializes in. Do you need a small lift, or a big lift? Read on to find out.What is a Short Incision Facelift?A short incision facelift is a lesser invasive form of lift that still allows for substantial skin elevation to correct the jawline and lower faca, but has a shorter recovery time than some of the more extensive lifts.https://youtu.be/uBcEnmVcAiQSteps involved in the Short Incision Facelift procedure include:

  • Marking and making incisions
  • Elevating the skin flaps
  • SMAS tightening
  • Elevating and trimming the skin
  • Closing the skin with staples and sutures

Who is a candidate for a Short Incision Facelift?Certain aspects of the face that would make you a candidate for a short incision facelift include early jowl formation, laxity of the jawline, and marionette lines. You may not be a candidate if you are look to correct a poor neck angle, or if your neck is saggy. If this is the case, a more extensive procedure such as a long incision facelift might be best for you.Watch the video below for a full recap of the Short Incision Facelift from Dr. Buonassisi, or go here to learn about all procedures for facelifts.

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