December 29, 2012

What is a Dorsal Hump

Angie Buonassisi
# min read

What is a Dorsal Hump?A dorsal hump refers to an obvious convexity to the bridge of the nose that gives the appearance of a bump or hump on the nose, on profile view. This hump can be made of cartilage, bone or both - and the size and shape varies form person to person. Hump reduction is the most commonly requested cosmetic change to the nose can create a more pleasing nasal aesthetic.

A dorsal hump can be reduced from inside the nose using either the open or closed rhinoplasty approaches. If the hump is made from bone, it is carefully and precisely sculpted with a file, burrs, razor or chisels. In some cases, the hump is reduced using tiny, precise fractures called osteotemies – there is a common misperception that the nose is "broke" during rhinoplasty, when in fact the tiny fractures are created in a gentle and precise manner.If the hump is made from cartilage, it is modified with a small scalpel or scissors. Patients are under general anesthetic or twilight sedation during the procedure and feel no anxiety or discomfort during the procedure.Related posts

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