January 11, 2013

What Does a Polly Beak Look Like

We did computer imaging on this model to simulaute a polly beak deformity.
Angie Buonassisi
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What Does a Polly Beak Deformity Look Like?The word deformity sounds a bit harsh and politically incorrect, but actually this is the medical term that doctors use to describe features that are out of the range of what is considered "normal".[caption id="attachment_4568" align="alignleft" width="300"]

We did computer imaging on this model to simulaute a polly beak deformity.[/caption]A polly beak deformity is considered an undersirable rhinoplasty outcome and is characterized by a bird like curve to the tip. We often see patients who have had previous surgery elsewhere and would like their polly beak revised.A rhinoplasty specialist can usually predict and prevent a polly beak by using sound rhinoplasty principles. Theyidentify patients who are at risk for this complication and select tip support techniques as part of the surgical plan.Related resources

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