October 18, 2019

Want to Open the Eyes? Lift the Brows

Browlift facial plastic surgery at Vancouver BC based cosmetic surgery clinic

Eyebrows are one of the most "on trend" aesthetics of the moment. Looking to 2020 the trend is away from heavy brows that dominate your whole look and settling in on polished, "done" brows that look more effortless than art. A brow lift can be a small change with a big payoff to brighten, open up your eyes and can leave you looking younger and less tired - a trend always worth following.

"Our faces lose volume as we age", said Dr. Thomas Buonassisi, founder and facial plastic surgeon of 8 West Clinic. "It really isn't about the choices you have made, it's often about genetics. Some brows sit naturally lower and tend to descend with age. The natural loss of volume makes them look flatter, hooding the eye area and causing the patient to look tired or unhappy".

Eyes are very unique features and come in many different shapes. Some are asymmetrical, some are downturned.

"Lower or unbalanced brows can make you appear tired, angry or even sad", said Dr. Buonassisi. “Changing the position of your brows can help to balance and open the eyes and return your brows to a more natural, youthful shape".

The friendly team of experts at 8 West Clinic will guide you through the different options, both surgical and non-surgical, and help to find the right solution for you to have natural looking results.

Non-Surgical Procedures 

An injection, like Botox, to the area above the eyebrows can create a slightly more "open" eye.

"The procedure works by inhibiting the brow depressor muscles", said Dr. Buonassisi. "It can result in a subtle, temporary lift".

Patients can continue with their normal routine and are only advised to be aware of minor swelling or bruising that should resolve quickly.

Surgical Results

At 8 West Clinic Dr. Buonassisi focuses on two main approaches to the brow lift. The direct brow lift and the minimal incision approach.

"A direct brow lift will reposition the brows to a natural, higher position", he said. "I use natural creases of forehead to access the underlying brow structures. The scars fade overtime and are typically imperceptible and the result is significant lifting of the brow area".

For those with concerns about even minute scars there is the option to consider the minimal incision approach involving incisions placed laterally to the brows, in the hairline.

"With smaller incisions it can be the best option for patients that have scarring concerns, however, there is less lifting of the brow compared to the direct approach", said Dr. Buonassisi.

The team of friendly experts at 8 West Clinic will help guide you along your journey by thoroughly explaining all of the options and outcomes for your brow rejuvenation. A consultation will help us learn about your expectations and will ensure a thorough understanding of each type of procedure. Whether the choice is surgical or non surgical, our goal is to give you results and create a brow that goes beyond trends to natural, timeless beauty.

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