January 30, 2013

The 6 Signs of Aging in the Eyelids and When an Eyelid Lift Is Appropriate

Angie Buonassisi
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The 6 Signs of Aging in the Eyelids and When an Eyelid Lift Is AppropriateBrown spots, wrinkles, sagging, bulging – some of the age-related changes that can affect your eyelids. While certain imperfections may be treated topically, some are best improved with blepharoplasty surgery. There are literally hundreds of products and services for improving the eye area and is can be hard to figure out which ones work. Here is some info on some of the typical age related changes that we see in our eyes - and what your options are for improving them.Brown spotsSkin discolouration is caused by sun exposure over time. Brown spots often begin to appear on the face in the mid-30s and they love to sit themselves on those cheek bones just below the eyes. Skin-lightening creams can help fade these spots, as can special lasers that target hyperpigmentation.Fine linesPart of the natural aging process, the fine lines that form around and below your eyes are exacerbated by sun exposure. Over-the-counter creams containing alpha hydroxy acids can improve the appearance of these lines. For a more substantial treatment, a medium-depth TCA (trichloroacetic acid) peel is often a good option.Dynamic wrinklesDeeper than fine lines, these wrinkles result from the dynamic nature of your face:

  • The 11s: parallel vertical lines that form between the eyebrows
  • Crow’s feet: lines that form around the eyes
  • Horizontal wrinkles: lines that run lengthwise across the forehead

Every time you smile or frown the related facial movement creases your skin. A great anti-aging strategy for this problem is regular Botox injections, which prevent dynamic wrinkles from getting deeper over time. In terms of a corrective action to deal with wrinkles around the eyes, a deep CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser treatment or a deep phenol peel performed by a physician may be your best bet.Loose skinWhile there’s no way to tighten or shrink loose skin above or below the eyelids, it can be removed with an eyelid lift. During this procedure, I trim away the extra skin above and below your lids, as well as any extra fat that’s developed. The incisions made to access these areas of your face heal exceptionally well; in fact, they become virtually imperceptible.Bags under the eyesUnder-eye bags are caused by a combination of loose skin and pockets of fat that push through the lower eye muscle. As we age, the muscles in our lower eyelids tend to weaken and store more fat; these fatty deposits can bulge forward, creating the appearance of a bag. This lax lower-lid skin and fat can only be removed surgically through lower eyelid blepharoplasty.Grooves under the eyesThe hollow-looking grooves that may develop under your eyes as you age can appear as dark shadows in certain light. For young patients with smooth, tight lower eyelids, filler may improve the appearance of these grooves. Older patients, on the other hand, can benefit from having under-eye bags and loose skin removed via lower eyelid blepharoplasty in conjunction with a fat transfer, during which the fat from the lower lid is rotated into the groove.Remember, it’s important to speak with a qualified, professional and experienced specialist who can help determine what treatment is best for you. Book a consultation with Dr. Buonassissi today.

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