February 13, 2013

Sleep Safely & Soundly After Rhinoplasty

Angie Buonassisi
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Sleep Safely & Soundly After RhinoplastyCongratulations, you’ve made it through rhinoplasty! While you can expect to feel almost like your old self within the first week of recovery, a bit of discomfort and grogginess is normal immediately following surgery. Also, having a cast on your nose as well as some tenderness and swelling in the cheeks and around the eyes can make “sleeping like a baby” a bit problematic, but the following tips and tricks can help you get the “zzzs” you need to make the healing process a breeze.Be preparedBefore your surgery, make up your bed with extra, comfortable pillows that you can use to prop your head up slightly while you sleep. This slight bit of elevation will go a long way in helping to bring your swelling down. And less swelling, of course, means less discomfort.Fill prescriptionsYour surgeon will likely prescribe some pain medication and/or antibiotics to take during your recovery; you must fill these before your procedure, as you’ll need to have them on hand immediately after your surgery. Follow the instructions on the labels carefully; they may help ease some of the discomfort you feel and make it easier to sleep.Caffeine freeDrinking coffee may be an undisruptive part of your normal daily routine but, post surgery, it can really interfere with getting the rest you need to properly heal and recover – particularly if/when combined with any pain medication/antibiotics your surgeon may prescribe. On the flip side, a cup of hot peppermint or other herbal, caffeine-free tea at night before you go to bed can help you get to sleep more easily.Rock 'n' rollIf you’re usually a free spirit in your sleep it may be difficult to prevent yourself from rolling over once you’re snoozing. A quick mental reminder before you shut down for the night could help you stay still and on your back while you’re sleeping. But don’t get too stressed out about rolling – the cast is there to protect your nose, and you’ll likely wake up if you do manage to flip onto your stomach.Sleep aloneIf you normally sleep with a partner – or even a pet – rhinoplasty may be the perfect opportunity to kick them out bed for a week! Remember, it’s important not to bump or hit your nose against anything in the early stages of recovery and, if your regular bedmate is a tosser, he or she may need to hit the couch for a few days while you get your rest. It’s not necessary, and certainly not for everyone, but it sure is a good excuse to get the whole bed to yourself!Got more questions about your recovery? Please don’t hesitate to call 8 West Cosmetic Surgery for support at any stage of your surgery.Related resources

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