November 3, 2016

Rhinoplasty Q&A With Dr. Buonassisi: What's the Ideal Age for a Rhinoplasty?

What's the ideal age to have a rhinoplasty?Before and after rhinoplasty procedure with Dr. Buonassisi.
Angie Buonassisi
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Most patients who are interested in having a rhinoplasty come to this realization early on in life, and often make a visit to our facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Buonassisi, wondering if they are too young to have the procedure. We sat down with Dr. Buonassisi to get the full answer to this commonly asked question.


Q: What's the ideal age for a rhinoplasty?

The ideal age for a rhinoplasty candidate really varies from person to person. The most important part of determining the ideal age for a rhinoplasty is ensuring that the patient understands how the surgery works and comprehends the risks and complications.

Q: When is it physically appropriate to perform rhinoplasty?

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Before and after rhinoplasty procedure with Dr. Buonassisi.

Before and after rhinoplasty procedure with Dr. Buonassisi.[/caption]

The nose needs to be fully grown in order to contemplate having a rhinoplasty, which is the most important factor in determining the ideal age for the procedure.

Physically speaking, much depends on gender when ascertaining whether it is the ideal time to have a rhinoplasty. A female's nose tends to be fully grown by the age of 15 or 16, while a male's nose normally isn't full grown until the ages of 17 to 18. How do I know if my nose is full grown?If you are a female interested in having a rhinoplasty, you should wait until you are at least 15 years of age to determine whether your nose has fully grown. If you are male, wait until you are 17. Once you have decided your nose is no longer changing and you are serious about having a rhinoplasty surgery, an in-depth consultation with Dr. Buonassisi will provide all the tools and knowledge necessary to move forward with your procedure.Interested in having a rhinoplasty surgery but unsure whether you've reached or surpassed the ideal age for the procedure? Book your complimentary consultation with Dr. Buonassisi for a one-on-one discussion around whether you are a candidate for rhinoplasty.

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