January 10, 2013

Make Your Room a Rhinoplasty Recovery Haven

Angie Buonassisi
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Make Your Room a Rhinoplasty Recovery HavenOne of the hardest things about rhinoplasty can be the down time. Not only does the first week of recovery mean wearing a cast on your nose, you’ll also have to forgo many of your normal activities in order to heal. If being “stuck” at home sounds less than ideal, take the following steps ahead of time to turn your room into a recovery haven – and keep your cabin fever to a minimum.1. Fill your prescriptions for antibiotics and/or painkillers prior to surgery, so you have the medications you need as soon as you return home. While at the pharmacy, pick up some Polysporin ointment (not cream) and saline nose mist (not rinse), too.2. Stock up on drinks to stay hydrated; cool drinks will feel best in the first few days of recovery, when your swelling will be at its worst.3. Fill your fridge with healthy snacks. While you’re free to eat whatever you wish, doing a minimum amount of exercise post-surgery may mean you’ll feel better sticking to guilt-free foods.4. Whip up some soft, bland meals ahead of time, so that food prep in the first few days of recovery is kept to a minimum.5. You’ll need to prop up your head after surgery to help decrease the swelling. Because it takes time to get used to this position, gather your pillows ahead of time to see what feels most comfortable.6. Download movies and TV shows you’ve been meaning to watch and borrow books from the library to keep you occupied.7. If you plan to do any work or studying from home, make sure you have all the tools, materials and instructions you’ll need ahead of time. (Also, don’t set your expectations too high – you may not feel up to your normal levels of productivity during the first week of recovery.)8. Get softly scented candles or air fresheners (long-lasting plug-ins work well) to make your room smell sensational. While the gauze under your nose is functional in catching any stray droplets of blood, you may find its odour unpleasant.9. Schedule visits from family and friends – perhaps once or twice a day – who can keep you entertained and help with any small chores you may not feel up to doing.10. Plan to get out of the house in a post-surgery “disguise.” If you don’t feel comfortable appearing in public with a cast, you may want to have a baseball hat, a pair of sunglasses and/or a scarf handy to cover up with. It may even be fun to go incognito for a few days; besides, the more you move around, the better you’ll feel.A final (bonus) piece of advice: consider the timing of your surgery in relation to your favorite hobbies and activities. If you’re not an avid skier, for instance, winter may be the best time for rhinoplasty. If it’s easier to book time off from work or school in summer, consider that season when scheduling your surgery. Be sure to call us with plenty of time to spare – the odds of getting your preferred dates are better the sooner you get in touch.Related resources

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