December 1, 2016

How to Improve Your Neck and Stop Covering Up With Scarves

Before and after of a double chin surgery patient at 8 West Cosmetic Surgery.Before and after of long incision facelift procedure at 8 West Cosmetic.
Angie Buonassisi
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Age-related skin concerns don't just occur in the face – they can also show up a little lower down in the neck and decolletage (areas that are too often omitted from our daily skin-care regimes). Looking to improve your neck? The following treatments offered by the specialists at 8 West Cosmetic Surgery can make covering up with scarves a thing of the past.

Platysmaplasty/Double Chin Surgery: Younger Patient or Older Patient

Ideal for patients at any life stage, a platysmaplasty or double chin surgery corrects what is considered a poor neck angle or double chin that can be inherited and occur as a result of excess fat, a lax platysma muscle, or a recessive chin.[caption id="attachment_7999" align="alignnone" width="468"]

before and after of double chin surgery

Before and after of a double chin surgery patient at 8 West Cosmetic Surgery.[/caption]An "invisible" incision is placed just beneath the chin and the skin of the neck is elevated to expose the underlying fat. The extra fat is then removed or the lax muscle is tightened and bound with sutures. This surgery requires two weeks of downtime.

Z-Plasty: Older Patient

Older patients concerned with a laxity of skin commonly referred to as “turkey neck” may benefit from a Z-plasty neck lift, which tightens the area without removing fat. This surgery is best for patients who can tolerate some scarring; however,on the upside, this procedure requires very minimaldowntime.

Long-incision Facelift: Older Patient

A long-incision facelift may involve more downtime than other surgical procedures, but it also offers the best results when it comes to correcting poor neck angle and jowling of the lower face. Best of all, this surgery can be performed in tandem with a double chin/platysmaplasty procedure, which means you get the benefits of both procedures without the downtime and costs associated with having a second surgery.[caption id="attachment_8000" align="alignnone" width="468"]

Before and after of long incision facelift procedure at 8 West Cosmetic.

Before and after of long incision facelift procedure at 8 West Cosmetic.[/caption]

SkinTyte: Younger Patient

SkinTyte, a non-surgical skin treatment that can assist in subtle tightening of the neck, is usually most effective on younger patients. Advanced infrared light technology deeply heats skin's collagen, initiating a natural healing process and leading to instantly noticeable tissue firming. Immediately you will notice an improvement in the laxity of your skin, resulting in a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance. Watch the following video for more details from our patients on what SkinTyte can do for you. in any of the above treatments to correct the look of your neck area and stop hiding behind scarves? Book your complimentary consultation with our team of experts at 8 West Cosmetic Surgery, and start your transformation today.

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