May 28, 2013

How Do I Take My Rhinoplasty Prescriptions?

Angie Buonassisi
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Do I Have to Take My Rhinoplasty Prescriptions?Every patient is different but generally speaking you will be prescribed three medications: pain medication, anti-nauseant, and an antibiotic.Pain medication: Take It If You Need It. Your pain medications are optional. We suggest you only take them if you need them as they often cause undesirable side effects such as constipation, drowsiness and lethargy.Anti-Nauseant: Take for Days 1 to Days 3, Then Take It If You Need It. Anesthetics have changed a lot. Many years ago it was pretty common to experience nausea after surgery. These days your anesthetic will include a dose of anti-nausea - so you probably won't feel nauseous immediately after surgery. However some patients experience nausea in the day or so after their surgery so Dr. Buonassisi prescribes an anti-nausea as a precautionary measure. We suggest you take the anti-nausea for the first day or so after surgery, then only if you need it.*** please see recommended medications schedule at the bottom of this page - if you have vomiting that is not controlled by the anti-nausea medication, please see our recommendations of things to tryAntibiotics: Strongly Recommend You Take Them for the Entire Prescribed Course. Dr. Buonassisi will discuss antibiotics with you during your surgical consultation and will prescribe one that is safe for you. It is in your best interest to take the antibiotics as prescribed - we do not consider them optional. They have been shown to significantly reduce the chance of a post surgical infection. Infections can be serious and affect both your health and your surgical result. If you are weary of taking antibiotics please discuss this with Dr. Buonassisi.In summary: Here is how you wil take your medications:

  • Day 1: day of surgery/when you get home from the surgery centre
  • take one dose of anti nauseant + anti biotic
  • take one dose of pain medication only if you need it
  • Day 2: the day after surgery and for the next 4 days
  • take anti nauseant + anti biotic 3 X per day as prescribed
  • take pain medication only if you need it

Dealing with Vomiting

  • if you have taken your anti-nausea, and you are still vomiting:
  • take an anti-nauseant by suppository - you can purchase these over the counter at your local pharmacy
  • if you have tried an anti-nauseant by suppository and you are still vomiting, call Dr. Buonassisi's office for further advice

Dealing with Pain

As discussed, your will feel better if you don't take the pain medications, so only take them if you need them. If you are having discomfort you can always try:

  • taking regular Tylenol and see if that is sufficient
  • if not sufficient, take the prescribed pain medication, but taper off as soon as you can

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