February 21, 2013

How Do I Get the Best Hump Reduction Result

Angie Buonassisi
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How Do I Get the Best Hump Reduction ResultHump reduction (also called dorsal hump reduction) refers to the surgical process of removing a portion of bridge from the nose in order to straighten and smooth the nasal profile. In most cases but not always, the hump is made of both bone and cartilage. Hump reduction is one of the most commonly requested rhinoplasty changes and one of the most satisfying for patients.Getting the best hump reduction result usually involves making subtle changes to the other parts of the nose as well. It is relatively uncommon to reduce a hump without addressing the other parts of the nose. For example, hump reduction patients often have a certain degree of tip ptosis (drooping of the tip) that they are not aware of. If this is the case, removing the hump alone isn't going to produce what would be a considered a great looking rhinoplasty. Some patient are under the impression that making changes to the bone of the nose makes the surgery more risky or the recovery longer - both of these are untrue. Insisting that your surgeon touch your bridge but not your bridge is one of the most common iffy rhinoplasty requests.The way that the hump is reduced depends on what is is made of and the size. If the hump is large it may be performed with osteotemies - very precise nasal bone cuts that allow the surgeon to reduce the hump while closing the open space on the front view that would be left there otherwise.You Might Enjoy

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