January 10, 2013

Does it Take Longer to Heal from Open Rhinoplasty

Does it Take Longer to Heal from Open RhinoplastyMany people are under the impression that the recovery from open rhinoplasty is worse than from the recovery from closed rhinoplasty. In reality, recovery time for open rhinoplasty is generally the same as for closed rhinoplasty. In fact less trauma to the nasalcartilagesoccurs in open rhinoplasty and in many cases, the surgeon can get a better result when the open approach is used.Regardless of which approach was used, patients take 1 - 2 weeks off work or school. The main difference has to do with the columellar incision used for open rhinoplasty. The tiny incision between the nostrils may be visible for a few weeks until it starts to fade. Patients can easily disguise the redness with makeup in the mean time. Thisincisionis hardly visible because of its placement and only a concern during the healing period for very tall patients who have people looking up at them.You Might Enjoy

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