December 29, 2012

Does Ethnicity Matter for Rhinoplasty

Angie Buonassisi
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Ethnic Rhinoplasty Vancouver,BC- Does Ethnicity Matter for Rhinoplasty?Vancouver is home for people with ethnic roots ranging from all over Asia, to India, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Your parents' ethnic background matters in rhinoplasty because the texture and quality of your nasal features are determined by your ethnicity.Rhinoplasty specialists choose very specific techiques for achieving the best results depending on several factors. For example, thin skinned patients need a different approach than thick skinned patients. Patients with soft tip cartillages benefit from different techniques than a stiff tipped patients.Find out more about the special considerations for people from these ethnic backgrounds:

Achieving Natural Results for Ethnic PatientsMy patients often tell me that their main objective is to have natural looking results. This is a priority for me too. Here is how I achieve natural looking results with ethnic rhinoplasty: I aim for consistency.The size and shape of the nose should be within a range of what occurs naturally in that ethnic group.For example, Asian people do not tend to be born with very prominent bridges or stiff pointy tips. So whileaugmentingthe nose certainly is possible and achievable, it shouldn't be so big that it looks way more prominent than my patient's brothers and sisters.People with mediteranean or middle eastern backgrounds are not typicaly born with very small noses. Therefore, while we often reduce the overall size of the nose, we are carefull not to make it too small that it looks unatural.

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