January 10, 2013

Can You Make My Nose Drastically Bigger or Smaller?

Angie Buonassisi
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Can You Make My Nose Drastically Bigger or Smaller with Rhinoplasty?Rhinoplasty is performed by changing the shape of the nasal bones and cartilages - these can be changed dramatically. However, the skin that envelopes the nose can't be changed. The surgical results depend on the skin taking on the new shape of the underlying framework. If the nose is reduced (refinement rhinoplasty) or augmented (augment rhinoplasty) too much the skin envelope will simply not shrink or stretch enough to accommodate. For this reason there are limits to how big a change in either direction can be made.In addition to thinking about how much the skin can shrink or expand, each patient will have limitations specific to their skin thickness and cartilage stiffness that need to be carefully considered. These limitations should be reviewed by the surgeon during their consultation to ensure proper expectations are set.For example, patients with thick skin who desire a significantly refined nasal tip may have to adjust their expectations. While an improvement may be possible, a dramatic change may not be. On the other hand, patients with soft nasal cartilages and thick skin hoping for a significant augmentation may have to decide if they would be happy with a smaller augmentation.As always, the most important part of any rhinoplasty surgery (aside from the surgery itself) is the consultation process. Your research should start with in an depth discussion with a rhinoplasty specialist who has a structured consulting process for setting your expectations.Wondering how much of a reduction or augmentation is possible for you?Many of the changes in size that patients wish to make to their noses are possible. If you would like some advice, you can have a complementary telephone consultation with a patient care expert. We will often ask for your photos and have Dr. Buonassisi review them before we give you feedback. We look forward to answering your questions!Related resources

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