June 11, 2013

Can I Wear My Piercings to My Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Angie Buonassisi
# min read

Can I Wear My Piercings to My Rhinoplasty Surgery?Your body piercings can stay during a rhinoplasty surgery, but ear/nose/tongue/facial/neck piercings need to come out prior to your surgery. Piercings can interfere with the cautery device that is used to stop bleeding during your procedure or even cause burns. Equipment can get caught on them and cause tears. Piercings can introduce bacteria to the surgical site and influence infections.When Can I Put My Nose Piercing Back In? And My Septal Piercing?Please wait until one week after surgery to replace your nasal piercing. This is with the exception of septal piercings, which you should wait one month to replace. Septal piercings can cause cartillage deformities and can ruin the cosmetic result of your rhinoplasty.What About My Other Facial Piercings?You can replace your other facial piercings (aside from nose piercings) several hours after surgery. Please note that rhinoplasty can cause swelling in the cheeks so may make facial piercings uncomfortable to wear.Related resources

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