June 11, 2013

Can I Wear my Contact Lenses to My Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Angie Buonassisi
# min read

Can I Wear my Contact Lenses to My Rhinoplasty Surgery?You can't wear your contact lenses for the surgery. We recommend that you leave them at home so you don't have to worry about losing them at the surgery centre. If you absolutely can't go without your lenses, wear them to the surgery centre and take them out when you arrive so that you can store them in your locker.When Can I Put My Contact Lenses Back In?You can insert your contact lenses anytime after surgery as soon as you are feeling well enough to do so. Please keep in mind that some patients experience swelling of the eye area after their surgery, which may make wearing lenses uncomfortable. If they are uncomfortable when you put them in, take them out and try again later.What If I Can't Wear My Lenses or My Glasses - How Will I See?If at all possible, do not allow any glasses or frames to sit on your bridge as this may affect the healing of the nasal bones. This is more important for patients who are having bridge changes made during the surgery. If you must wear glasses to see, then tape them onto your forehead so that the weight of them does not rest on your bridge. It is preferable that you wear your contact lenses to see instead of your glasses - if possible.

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