February 13, 2013

Can I Bring Pictures of Noses I Like?

Angie Buonassisi
# min read

Can I Bring Pictures of Noses I Like to My Rhinoplasty Consultation?It is always a good idea to bring pictures of noses you like so your surgeon has a clear sense of what goals and improvements you are trying to achieve. This of pictures of other people's noses as one of the communication tools used during your consultation.Keep in mind thought that no two noses and faces are the same, and it is not usually possible for your rhinoplasty surgeon to give you somebody else's nose. Your surgeon is working within the limitations of what your nose has to offer - your cartilage shape and quality, your skin thickness, and your other facial features.The most valuable and reliable communication tool for having a concrete discussion about what your nose will look like after surgery is computer imaging. Also extremely valuable when it comes to communicating is before and after photos of the surgeon's other patients - not just of other rhinoplasty cases, but of other patients who had a similar to to yours and had similar changes made. Ensure that computer imaging will be used as part of your consultation before you schedule it.Related resources

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