February 19, 2013

5 Totally Believable Stories to Tell After Your Nose Job

Angie Buonassisi
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5 Totally Believable Stories to Tell After Your Nose JobWant to keep your nose job a secret? No problem! Cosmetic surgery is a highly personal choice; you can choose to reveal as much or as little about the experience as you like. Though a truly successful rhinoplasty is so subtle most people won’t be able to pinpoint exactly what kind of change you’ve made, these totally believable stories can help you explain your absence during recovery and the subsequent enhancements to your look.1. Breathing trouble. Celebrities like Cameron Diaz and Ashley Tisdale used the deviated septum story to explain their slightly altered noses, putting a medical spin on their surgeries. The septum – a thin wall inside the nose that divides the left and right nasal cavities – becomes deviated when trauma causes it to block one side or the other, reducing airflow (which can result in breathing issues). The procedure to repair the septum, however, takes place internally, while rhinoplasty is largely a cosmetic (i.e., external) change. But since most people don’t know this, citing breathing issues could be an effective cover-up for your nose job.2. Identified flying object.The opening line for this story is, “I got hit in the face with a _____” (fill in the blank with any type of “flying” object you wish). If you’re very athletic, however, explaining why you couldn’t catch that baseball could be tricky – you may want to stick to a slightly more believable “IFO,” like a tree branch during a windstorm (ouch!) or a book falling off a high shelf (yikes!).3. Old injury.A broken nose is a common occurrence, especially since your sniffer (no matter its original size) is a feature that physically “sticks out” from your face. Repairing an old injury could be the key to explaining your cosmetic surgery – especially if you cite an accident that happened when you couldn’t afford rhinoplasty.4. Vacation time.Taking a so-called “holiday” can help explain your absence from school or work while you recover from surgery at home. And, with most effective rhinoplasty resulting in subtle changes, people may very well believe your “new look” is simply the result of some well-deserved R&R. Just remember: if you say you’re escaping to a sunny locale, like Hawaii or the Caribbean, you’ll need to acquire some semblance of a tan in order to make the story believable (try a good-quality self-tanning lotion; just be gentle when applying it to your face).5. The truth.Many people go into surgery intending to tell a story to family, friends and colleagues after the deed is done, only to find they’re so happy with the results, they don’t care who knows about their rhinoplasty. If you’re proud of the way your new nose looks, go on – tell the world! With nearly 250,000 rhinoplasty procedures performed in the U.S. in 2011, you’re certainly not alone.At 8 West Cosmetic Surgery, we keep all patient information highly confidential. Your before-and-after photos are not made public (in our office or on our website) without your express written consent. Call us to book a consultation with Dr. Buonassisi today.Related resources

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