8 West Clinic in the Media

8 West Clinic in the Media

8 West Clinic in the Media


Voted best of Vancouver for three consecutive years, Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Buonassisi and 8 West Clinic make up a team of meticulously skilled experts to offer the full spectrum of facial and skin rejuvenation solutions, from non invasive treatments to full cosmetic surgery. While many can perform a standard laser treatment or a standard facelift procedure, it will be hard to come by a clinic where top treatment providers come together, led by a complete specialist of the face. Dr. Buonassisi’s nuanced expertise informs the philosophy of his practice and team, which works to provide fully customized treatments that yield only the most optimal results for each patient’s unique objectives—and nothing more than is ever needed.

8 West Clinic patients learn to love the skin they’re in, and come away with a boost in confidence and well-being rather than a full Hollywood transformation. This is what sets Dr. Buonassisi and 8 West Clinic apart, and it’s no wonder they are often seen with authority in the western Canada area. See some examples of Dr. Buonassisi and 8 West Clinic’s appearances in the media below.


Bliss Out + Plump Up With A Biologique Recherche Facial @ 8 West

VITA Daily | Magazine (2023)


8 West Media - VITA Daily - Dec 2023


“One of our favourite skincare brands, Biologique Recherche, is lovely to use at home … but even better when experienced as a facial. And, fortunately, you can do so at 8 West Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Clinic in Vancouver. At 8 West, facials using Biologique Recherche’s range of premium skincare products combine the relaxation and rejuvenation of a spa facial with the potency of a medical-grade skin treatment.”



Women’s Hair Changes With Age—So Should Our Hair Care

MONTECRISTO | Magazine (2023)


8 West Media - Montecristo - Sept 2022


“When we think of hair aging for women, the first thing that springs to mind is greying. But there are actually a number of different changes that can take place—for example, to texture and density—and some can be halted or reversed with beauty products or medical treatments.

Most people’s hair changes colour as we get older—it happens as we lose melanin in the follicle, so if you still have a bit of melanin, your locks might be grey. Once there’s no melanin left, hair becomes white. It’s hard to predict when that might happen, says Dr. Shehla Ebrahim, a cosmetic dermatologist at 8 West Clinic in Vancouver who specializes in hair restoration. “There isn’t a specific age—I started to turn grey at 16, whereas my mother wasn’t grey until she was 65 or 70,” she says. “Dark-haired people might notice earlier because the contrast between white and black is sharp, compared to blond or ash blond, where it would be camouflaged.” There’s also a stress-related component to greying. For now, there’s no way to reverse grey hair other than dyeing it. You can also enhance greys with purple-toned shampoos that counteract yellowness.”


How to get glowing skin, according to an expert

National Post | Publication (2023)


8 West Media - National Post - Sept 2023


“Dewy skin is all the rage. What started as an emerging trend in the Asian beauty market has made its way west. After many celebrity endorsements — Hailey Bieber created an entire range of products based on this trend — and influencer mentions, the trend is officially here to stay.

Dewy skin looks hydrated, fresh, bouncy and youthful — almost moist — but ultimately glowing. It’s typically viewed as a natural-looking, healthy appearance. However, achieving the desired dewy look often takes some work (unless you are naturally blessed with it — congrats!).

We spoke with Suzanne Power, senior medical aesthetician at 8 West Clinic in Vancouver, on what an ideal skincare routine looks like, what ingredients to look for in your skincare and how to achieve the coveted dewy look.”


Bella Hadid Has A ‘Snatched Jawline’ & Here’s How To Get The Look, According To A BC Doctor

Narcity | Publication (2023)


8 West Clinic Media - Narcity Canada - Aug 2023


“Dr. Thomas Buonassisi, a plastic surgeon in Vancouver, says the snatched look is nothing new, but thanks to TikTok, it’s gotten a revival in its intrigue.

‘It’s not really new. I think somebody just came up with that term, the snatched jawline,’ he said and confirmed that he has seen more patients inquiring about it at his clinic.

‘I think people that have a nice jawline, that’s an attractive feature. I don’t know why we think that’s attractive. But I think it’s been like that for a long time.’

From what it is to how to achieve the look, both surgically and non-surgically, here’s what advice Buonassisi had to share on the latest internet trend.”


Summer 2023’s Four Must-Try, Non-Invasive Facial Tweaks

AmongMen | Magazine (2023)


8 West Clinic Media - AmongMen - Aug 2023


“Our calendars are filled with friendly bbqs, rounds of golf and tennis, and drinks on the patio. Additionally, there are long weekends booked for camping, tasting the latest rosés in wine country and attending weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. With everything going on, combined with a need to feel and look our best, scheduling a non-invasive facial tweak to keep us stay summer fresh all season long, is just smart thinking.

So smart, in fact, that many have indulged. According to a 2022 survey by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 82 per cent of the total number of procedures performed in 2022 were minimally invasive. Now, non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments are on the rise. And while you can get anything from Botox to microdermabrasion, the experts at 8 West, Vancouver’s popular cosmetic surgery and skin clinic, have chosen four, quick and easy non-invasive refreshers with natural-looking results to try now. Bonus points: each tweak can be achieved over your lunch hour.”


8 West Clinic Adds the EMFACE Treatment to Its Service Roster

Trend Hunter | Publication (2023)


8 West Clinic Media - Trend Hunter - May 2023


“The EMFACE treatment has recently garnered attention as it has ‘become a favorite treatment among celebrities including Rebel Wilson and Jessica Simpson.’ Following this trend, Vancouver-based 8 West clinic has added the EMFACE treatment to its roster of services, becoming ‘one of the first clinics in Vancouver to offer this breakthrough, non-invasive treatment.'”


Summer-safe Skin Treatments

BC Living | Publication (2022)


8 West Clinic Media - BC Living - May 2023


“We catch up with Dr. Thomas Buonassisi, facial plastic surgeon and co-founder of 8 West Clinic to talk about all things summer skincare.

Q: When it comes to skin treatments, not all are ideal for summer. Can you explain why?

A: Some laser treatments are not recommended during the summer months due to the increased risk of complications and adverse effects that can arise from the combination of laser treatment and sun exposure. Although many medical-grade treatments, such as laser services can provide undeniable results for the right patient, they are also incredibly powerful treatments that can cause harm if not performed by a skilled, and fully trained treatment provider. These are just few reasons why certain laser treatments are typically avoided in the summer…”


HELLO! Beauty: Time Machines

HELLO! Magazine | Publication (2023)


8 West Clinic Media - HELLO! Magazine - Mar 2023


“For Brightening: MOXI + BBL

Kim Kardashian, 42, famously quipped, “If you told me that I literally had to eat poop every single day and I would look younger, I might.” One of her go-tos is a combination of BroadBand Light (BBL) and a laser called Moxi. “Moxi is for people who want to get rid of fine lines, improve their complexion and reduce pigment, but the pigment that’s treated occurs deeper,” says Dr. Thomas Buonassisi, facial plastic surgeon at 8 West Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Clinic in Vancouver. “BBL gets at some of the superficial pigment.”

The only issue with booking a dual treatment is that you have to be a candidate for both technologies. Moxi is safe for all skin tones, but BBL is limited. “You shouldn’t use it on darker skin types or tans,” says Dr. Buonassisi. “You also have to be more cautious of sun exposure and medications that photosensitize the skin.” “

Learn more about MOXI Laser and BBL therapy.



Five Ways to Brighten and Repair Your Skin this Fall

Vancouver Magazine | Publication (2023)


8 West Clinic Media - HELLO! Magazine - Mar 2023


“Dr. Thomas Buonassisi, facial plastic surgeon and owner of 8 West Clinic in Vancouver, describes the effect sun can have on the skin.

‘The deeper effects of sun damage in the skin develop and present themselves over time,’ he says. ‘Whether you are just starting to notice the first signs of aging or have been a sun worshipper for years, our experienced skin experts can work with you to design a comprehensive plan tailored to your needs.’

8 West Clinic has an experienced team of passionate and skilled specialists to help you look and feel your best. Here are the top five treatments they recommend to help your skin look its best, year-round.”


The impact of social media on body image for teens

The National, CBC | Television (2022)



“Dr. Buonassisi and his patient Holly are featured in CBC The National’s episode from May 2022 to discuss realistic expectations of rhinoplasty surgery in the landscape of social media today.”


5 eye rejuvenation treatments that work

The Georgia Straight | Publication (2022)


8 West Clinic Media - The Georgia Straight - Apr 2022


“If you’re trying to maintain a youthful appearance, it’s important that you pay attention to the delicate, paper-thin skin around your eyes. As we age, our skin loses its elasticity, which results in fine lines and wrinkles. But thankfully, there are several treatments and surgical procedures that can restore and refresh tired eyes.

Vancouver cosmetic surgery and skin clinic 8 West Clinic offers a full spectrum of nonsurgical and surgical treatments that help patients rediscover their confidence.”


Digital Filters Are Changing How We See Our Own Faces

MONTECRISTO | Magazine (2022)


8 West Clinic Media - Montecristo Magazine March 2022


“According to Vancouver facial plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas Buonassisi, filters also influence people in search of cosmetic procedures. “I see people all the time come in, and I’m not sure if this is filter dysmorphia, but they’ll come in, and they’ll show a photo of somebody and say, ‘Well, I really would like to have that nose,’ or ‘I’d like to have that facial shape.’ And I’ll say, ‘You know that’s done with a filter?’ and they’ll go, ‘Well, yeah, but I mean, I still like the way it looks,’” he says.”


10 expert-approved facial rejuvenation treatments for post-pandemic life

Daily Hive | Publication (2021)


8 West Clinic Media - Daily Hive June 2021


“Over the past year and a half, we’ve spent most of our days communicating behind masks and virtually on Zoom calls in a bid to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Now, as BC works through its restart plan and provincial health officials say masks will be a personal choice by September, we’re able to start planning for our personal return back to the office, travelling when it’s safe to do so, and kickstarting our social lives.

The pandemic has undoubtedly taken its toll on many people — in multiple areas of life — but we now have the opportunity to focus on revamping our skincare and beauty routines in the gradual return to our daily schedules.

To discover the different avenues for non-surgical and surgical treatments available to Vancouverites, we spoke with Dr. Thomas Buonassisi, the leading dual-board-certified facial plastic surgeon behind 8 West Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Clinic.”


Skincare Solutions to Transition to Fall

BC Living | Publication (2020)


8 West Clinic Media - BC Living Sept 2020


“Around this time of the year, we begin a seasonal habit of preparing for the colder weather. As we find ourselves rejigging our schedules, making plans well into the new year, packing away our summer clothes, and cozying our nests for the fall and winter months, one aspect of our lives that rarely gets this attention is our skin.

Sun damage happens to everyone—even to those of us who apply sunscreen daily, wear protective clothing or proactively stand in the shade. We can help reduce the harmful effects from the sun by giving our skin the tools it needs to repair and heal, like drinking plenty of water, eating well and using effective skincare products; however, the longer term effects of sun damage are tougher to repair. The good news? Sun damage can be treated effectively with certain medical-grade treatments.”


Is a pandemic the perfect time for cosmetic procedures?

CTV News Vancouver – McLaughlin On Your Side | Television (2020)



“The COVID-19 pandemic has gutted a lot of businesses, with many closing their doors. But not all are suffering. One industry is booming because of the pandemic and wearing masks – cosmetic surgeries around the eyes.”


宅家視訊多 美容生意佳

Sing Tao Daily | Publication (2020)


8 West Clinic - Sing Tao Media - Aug 2020


“溫哥華8 West醫美診所醫生博納西斯(Thomas Buonassisi),近日接受《星島日報》記者專訪時表示,很多人都認為疫情期間人們只專注於「必需品」,比如食物,醫美服務顯然不在必需之列。但由於人們在疫情期間減少了社交支出,比如與朋友聚餐,也不能外出旅行,因此對不少人而言,反而有餘錢卻沒地方花。因此人們會選擇做一些令自己感覺良好的事情,比如令自己變得更漂亮。”


Maskne — what it is and what you can do about it

Vancouver Sun | Publication (2020)


8 West Clinic Vancouver Sun Media August 2020


“In a recent press release, the clinic said July was its busiest month of the year with more than 700 patients signing up for cosmetic procedures, with a marked increase in the number of ‘micro surgeries’ or ‘minimally invasive surgeries’ being booked.

‘These are procedures that, for the right candidate, can offer the noticeable change that comes from having a surgical procedure but with a much quicker recovery and less downtime,’ Dr. Buonassisi says. ‘Some of these ‘micro’ surgeries include sliver blepharoplasty, mini facelift, lip lift and minimal incision brow lift. We have also noticed a rise in patients coming to the clinic for Botox or filler treatments to target concerns for the eye area.

‘With the increase in people being required to wear a mask, we are relying more on our eyes to be the focal point and to help express or communicate for us.'”


How Zoom Is Causing A Cosmetic Boom

VITA Daily | Publication (2020)


8 West Clinic Vita Daily Media August 2020


“Many people have a strong desire to return to their normal lives, and for many that includes looking as good as they feel. The camera lens can really distort a person’s perceptions of themselves. The “fishbowl” effect can make certain features appear much differently on camera than they do in real life giving people an altered perspective of themselves and causing them to pay particular attention to certain aspects of their own face that they had never really noticed before.”


5 summer safe cosmetic procedures from Canada’s top facial plastic surgeon

Populist | Publication (2020)


8 West Clinic - Populist Media - June 2020


“Looking for ways to take care of your skin and keep on track with your skincare goals over the summer months? Along with drinking plenty of water and vowing to never forget a sunscreen application, here are the top 5 summer-safe procedures from Canada’s top facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Thomas Buonassisi of 8 West Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Clinic.”


Summer Skin Care

Fairchild TV | Television (2020)


8 West Clinic - Fairchild TV Media - June 2020


“If you’ve had a lot of sun exposure over your lifetime and you have a lot of sun damaged skin, then you start thinking about your topical and energy-based treatments for that.”


We asked an influencer: What is it like to get a nose job?

Daily Hive | Publication (2020)


8 West Clinic - Daily Hive Media - March 2020


“After years of struggling with confidence, she made the decision to look into getting a nose job — AKA rhinoplasty. But it was important to her to work with a doctor who could achieve the results she desired while staying true to who she is.

That’s why it’s key to choose the right doctor, go in with the right expectations, and ask the right questions.

The marketing manager wanted to make sure she was seeing an expert who she could trust, and so she sat down with Dr. Thomas Buonassisi at 8 West Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Skin Clinic for what she described as an “eye-opening” consultation.”


Ask a Facial Plastic Surgeon: What are the Latest and Greatest Treatments for Eye Rejuvenation?

The Georgia Straight | Publication (2019)


8 West Clinic - The Georgia Straight Media - Feb 2019


“If you consider your eyes to be among your best physical features, it can be disheartening when they begin to age. Composed of some of the thinnest and most delicate skin on your body, your eyelids may actually age faster than other areas of your face—and their frequent exposure to sunlight doesn’t do much to help. Beyond looking tired, many patients feel that while the rest of their face appears youthful, their saggy or puffy eyelids give away their true age—or make them look grumpy when they are not.

Luckily, in this day and age of technology, there are many solutions for the eyes. To learn about the latest, we caught up with Dr. Thomas Buonassisi of 8 West Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Skin Clinic.”


Double Eyelid Surgery, an Eye-Opening Procedure

Deepbody.ca | Publication (2016)


8 West Clinic - Deepbody Media - July 2016


“The procedure is safe when performed by a qualified, board-certified surgeon. Given the delicate nature of the operation however, Dr. Buonassisi recommended seeking a surgeon who conducts the surgery on a regular basis.

‘I think ultimately it’s a very safe surgery when done by someone experienced. The results are good but it’s tricky to do for sure, it’s not an easy surgery,’ Dr. Buonassisi acknowledged. ‘It’s very tricky. We’re talking about very, very tiny anatomy, we’re talking about the eyelids and that’s not something that you could cover with a sweater if it doesn’t look good. But worldwide there’s probably hundreds of thousands of procedures like this done every year very safely. I think it’s reasonable in the scope of the grand scheme of things.'”


Who’s at fault when plastic surgery goes wrong?

National Post | Publication (2014)


8 West Clinic - National Post Media - March 2014


“Barring medical complications, success is measured, not by the physician’s ability to treat disease or fix injury, but by a purely esthetic – and sometimes subjective – scale.

“We’re not saying, ‘Now you can walk,’ or ‘Now you can breath,’ ” said Dr. Tom Buonassisi, a Vancouver specialist in face surgery.

“It’s more like ‘Has this improved your appearance in a way you wanted, or has it just changed your appearance in a way that you didn’t really expect or want?’ Change is not necessarily good.”

Surgeons say that means they have to manage patients’ frequently lofty expectations, grapple with requests for overly aggressive treatment and make clear perfect results can not always be guaranteed.

As it turns out, elderly people like Ms. Novak, eager to gain a younger glow, are a burgeoning market for cosmetic specialists; Dr. Buonassisi says they form a significant chunk of his practice.

Most simply want a visual freshening, and he recommends the goal to be appearing healthier and more “vibrant,” but not overtly younger.”


Want a job? Get a facelift

The Province | Publication (2012)


8 West Clinic - The Province Media - May 2012


“In a job market said to be hard on visibly older workers, job-seekers and career climbers have come to treat their faces as resumes on which to enter only the briefest of relevant experience. The result is that self-preservation has displaced vanity as a goad to get tweaks ranging from Botox to chin jobs.

Dr. Thomas Buonassisi, a Vancouver facial plastic surgeon who owns 8 West Cosmetic Surgery, estimates that 50 to 60 per cent of his patients between the ages of 40 and 60 seek cosmetic treatments for work-related reasons.

But Buonassisi is reluctant to promote workplace advantages as a reason to get surgical or non-surgical treatments.”


Demand for plastic surgery growing among Canada’s youth

National Post | Publication (2011)


8 West Clinic - National Post Media - September 2011


“With elementary-school-age youngsters, the motive is typically a self-consciousness about ears that stick out too far and become an unwanted focus of attention, said Dr. Buonassisi. As often as not with those children, it is the parents more than the patients who are anxious to get the work done, having had unpleasant experiences themselves with the same inherited trait.

‘In a perfect world, we wouldn’t care about those [body image] things,’ conceded Dr. Buonassisi while at the same time stressing the emotional benefits of nose and ear work. Even his receptionist, he said, notices how much more confident children seem when they come back for their check-up after six weeks.”


Beware Of Discount Medical Aesthetics Services

VITA Daily | Publication (2020)


Considering Facial Plastic Surgery? Read These Pro Tips First

VITA Daily | Publication (2020)


The Real Rhinoplasty

VITA Daily | Publication (2020)


Top Winter Skin Treatments

VITA Daily | Publication (2019)