April 5, 2024

What Is the Ideal Age for Rhinoplasty?

What Is the Ideal Age for Rhinoplasty?Video transcript: The ideal age for a rhinoplasty candidate really varies from person to person. I insist that the patient understands how the surgery works and understands the risks and complications, and that can be someone as young as 15 or 16. It can be someone perhaps not into their 20s or 30s. I think in terms of physically when it's appropriate to perform rhinoplasty, it depends on gender; so women because they tend to be fully grown at 15 or 16 I think that's an appropriate age physically, and for men it's probably more like 17 or 18. The nose needs to be fully grown before contemplating having a rhinoplasty and so the age at which people come to see me is important.

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