April 5, 2024

Taping Your Nose After Rhinoplasty

Taping Your Nose After Rhinoplasty

After your Rhinoplasty surgery you will leave the surgery centre with your nose casted. This will help ensure the bones, and all cartilage are supported. This also helps prevent any movement and shifting while you heal during your first week post op. Dr. Buonassisi requires all his patients to keep the cast on for about one week.At your one week follow up appointment you will have your cast removed to reveal your new nose, as exciting as this is, it still a critical time in the healing process. Once the cast is removed you will be taught how to tape the bridge of your nose to help control edema (swelling), or the tip to ensure it will conform to its new shape.

How Long Do You Tape Your Nose For?

The best time to tape your nose is at night, most patients let their skin breathe during the day and opt to go tape free while running errands, going back to school or work, and instead keep their nose taped in the evening and overnight.As each person's healing and recovery is so different, after your cast removal Dr. Buonassisi will discuss the right duration for you and what the best method of taping is. Generally, most patients can expect to tape their nose for 1 - 2 months.

Removing The Tape

In the morning it is best to peel the tape off gently and cleanse the skin to remove any sticky residue left behind.

Are You Thinking About Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Thomas Buonassisi is a Board certified Facial Plastic Reconstructive Surgeon who is a rhinoplasty expert and has extensive experience performing cosmetic nasal surgery over the last 20 years. His team of patient care managers and experts are happy to start the conversation, contact us today for a complimentary pre-consultation.

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