April 5, 2024

Real Surgery Video of Cartilaginous Hump Removal

Real Surgery Video of Cartilaginous Hump RemovalWarning: This video is graphic and contains real scenes of Dr. Buonassisi performing rhinoplasty surgery. Do not watch this video if you will be offended.This Patient's Surgical PlanDr. Buonassisi refined this patient's nose using hump reduction, tip rotation and tip refinement techniques. She had a small cartilaginous hump which Dr. Buonassisi removed with scissors. He then smoothed the bridge area with a rasp. In this case, the patient's hump is small and following removal of it, the bridge does not appear to be wide, so Dr. Buonassisi does not need to perform osteotemies.See a 4 Part Video Documentary of Amanda's Rhinoplasty Experience (Minus the Surgery Footage)

If you have in interest in seeing actual footage of her surgery (warning graphic content of a real patient having surgery):

Are You Thinking About Refinement Rhinoplasty?Small subtle changes to the nose can create a more balanced facial appearance and take the attention away from the nose. Patients often look more refined and sophisticated after surgery. If you are wondering if the changes you would like to make are possible, you can submit your photos to a patient care expert or schedule a complementary telephone consultation. We are here to help!

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