April 5, 2024

Keys to Success with Augmentation Rhinoplasty

Keys to Success with Augmentation RhinoplastyThe key to success with bridge augmentation is to use a material that's going to give enough augmentation. If you only need a small amount of elevation of the bridge then sometimes a patient's own cartilage is fine, but in most cases we do need to use a synthetic material and that needs to be safe and placed in a very precise fashion so that is directly in the mid line and doesn't move. To get the best results with bridge augmentation you have to be conservative and if you over augment the bridge most patients are not happy with that and also you tend to stretch the skin so much if you use a large implant that it begins to look unnatural, being conservative I think ensures a nice natural looking result.Are implants a life time device? I think in the nose and the face in general probably they are I think it is uncommon that a people have to have an augmentation material in the nose removed certainly it is very rare with cartilage that is their own tissue so it usually assimilates into the tissues nicely. I think with synthetic materials there is always a chance at displacement, infection but those things are actually quite rare.For more information about Augmentation Rhinoplasty, please take a look at these useful videos:

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