April 5, 2024

Introduction to Tip Rotation

Introduction to Tip RotationThe second common objective in rhinoplasty is to rotate the tip. What does tip rotation mean? It means that the angle that the tip makes as it comes away from the face is changed and rotating it means that we tilt it upwards derotating it means that we tilt it downwards.In most cases as the nasal tip cartilages become softer they tend to tilt downward so most people are asking me to rotate the tip in an upward direction. What that does is again it changes the angle that forms between the lip and the tip of the nose without necessarily changing the length of the tip in terms of how far away it comes from the nose. The idea position for the tip depends on many factors it depends on a persons ethnic background, their height and their gender. For example we often like to see the tip tilted up more in women than we do in men as it tends to be a more feminine feature to have the tip rotated up slightly.See a 4 Part Video Documentary of Amanda's Rhinplasty Experience (Minus the Surgery Footage)

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