April 5, 2024

Introduction to Computer Imaging

Introduction to Computer ImagingVideo transcrit: I talk about computer imaging in several of our videos and I wanted to explain to you how it works.Essentially, with computer imaging what we do is modify the views of the patient's face by moving the background in and out. This shows changes in profiles andcontours.Here's an example of someone who came to see me to make some changes to her neck and I think that one of the things I wanted to simulate for her was how things might look if we advanced her chin a little bit. In my computer imaging consultation with her I brought her chin forward to a point that I think is actually realistic surgically. What I'll often do is simulate what an advancement of the chin would look like and so that's what I roughly expect to see as a surgical result. I think what's important in cases like this is that in reality when we bring the chin forward it actually ends up tightening some of the neck skin and you'll notice that in the real photo of her post operatively that her neck has actually been elevated a little as well.This is what that looks like when we do that side by side so that often gives the patient a good idea of what things look like before and after the surgical procedure has been done.

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