April 5, 2024

How Will I Look After Rhinoplasty

How Will I Look After Rhinoplasty?The question is what types of dressings and casts will be applied at the time of surgery and how will I look? The answer to that question varies again depending on what type of surgery was done. However, in most cases you can expect to have a cast across the bridge of the nose and that is sitting directly on top of tapes that are used to shape and refine the nasal tip in the post op period. You will be able to see those externally of course. On the under surface of the nose you will see some small stitches either in the skin between the nostrils or just protruding from the inside. Most patients will have a little bit of blood in the nose that is quite common, and often they will form some clots or crusts and those can gently be dissolved or softened with Polysporin ointment.

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