April 5, 2024

How Hump Reduction is Performed

How Hump Reduction is PerformedVideo transcript: We are going to talk now about the details of hump reduction and I am going to show you a model with some over layed anatomy diagrams. The reason the way the nose looks the way it does of course is because underneath the skin there are cartilages that form the bridge of the nose and the tip of the nose and there is a bone that forms the bridge of the nose as well.In some cases thecurvatureof those cartilages and bones gives the impression of a hump or a fairly tall nasal bridge. So when we make changes to the bridge of the nose we will often remove the under lying cartilages or remove the hump. When do that you will see on this profile view that this area in red is removed and that is done underneath the skin so what we are doing is removing cartilage and bone and that is done with ascalpeland achisel.On the front view that area that is removed is going to contract down so that will remove the hump visually. On the front view you end up with a bit of an open space we call that an open roof deformity when the bridge is taken down. In order to correct that we perform what are called osteotomies and these are veryprecisecuts in the nose bones and that is done through a very small incision through the skin a single incision. That allows me to mobilize the nose bones and then move them inwards and so the net affect afterwards is that the open roof is closed. Afterwards when we move those nose bones in an inward direction the open space is closed. You will see on the profile view that after the hump is removed then the skin contracts down so that you no longer see the hump through the skin.

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