April 5, 2024

Features Of The Lower Aging Eyelids

Features Of The Lower Aging EyelidsThe lower eyelids like other facial features have some very typical age related changes. These occur simply as part of the aging process, there's also a genetic component, and it is also made worse or accelerated by excessive sun exposure. Some of the typical changes that occur within the lower lid include: laxity of the eyelid skin, bulging of the lower lids so it looks as though people have puffy bags under the eyes, there is also a groove that can form below the lower lid we often call the tear troph. Malar bags can form in the cheek, where some of the extra skin can become swollen and puffy. Also, fine lines occur and discoloration of the skin often occur.Lower lid blepharoplasty can be used to treat sagging skin, bulging skin, and the nasal juval grooves which are also called the tear trophs. Discoloration and fine lines are best treated with skin resurfacing, and that's either done with chemicals or laser, and those are not included in a blepharoplasty.

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