April 5, 2024

Courtenay Rhinoplasty and Chin Implant Documentary Part 3

Courtenay Rhinoplasty and Chin Implant Documentary Part 3In part 3 of this 4 part video documentary, Courtenay meets with Angie to discuss pre and post operative instructions for her rhinoplasty and chin implant surgery. Patients are provided with a detailed information kit which outlines day by day how to prepare and recovery from surgery. Patients typically experience little discomfort during rhinoplasty recovery although the feeling of nasal stuffiness can be quite annoying. Chin implant surgery is uncomfortable for the first 3 days and patient are prescribed pain medication.You can also watch

Actual Surgery VideosIf you would like to see actual surgery video, you can watch a 10 part video series of Amanda's rhinoplasty. WARNING these videos have graphic content of a real patient having surgery. Please do not watch if you will be offended.

  • Amanda's Rhinoplasty Part 1 Introducing the Surgical Plan
  • Amanda's Rhinoplasty Part 2 Markings and Columellar Incisions
  • Amanda's Rhinoplasty Part 3 Exposing Nasal Architecture
  • Amanda's Rhinoplasty Part 4 Cartilaginous Hump Reduction
  • Amanda's Rhinoplasty Part 5 Rhineon Horn Reduction
  • Amanda's Rhinoplasty Part 6 Tip Rotation Via Columellar Setback
  • Amanda's Rhinoplasty Part 7 Tip Refinement via Cephalic Trim
  • Amanda's Rhinoplasty Part 8 Final Touches to Smooth Edges
  • Amanda's Rhinoplasty Part 9 Closing Incisions
  • Amanda's Rhinoplasty Part 10 Surgery Debrief
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