April 5, 2024

Computer Imaging Case Study 3 Hump Reduction & Chin Augmentation

Computer Imaging Case Study 3 Hump Reduction & Chin AugmentationVideo transcript: This is an example of a situation where during the consultation we've identified a couple of features -not just nasal features - but other facial features that might benefit from modification as part of the surgery.This patient came to see me to make changes to her nose and the main issue really was that her bridge was a little bit too high. I simulated a hump reduction which we would do fairly conservatively because I think her nose looks actually quite good before hand, but just wanting to take her bridge down enough that it's no longer a feature that catches the eye.Here's a fairly conservative hump reduction I think perhaps could come down a little bit more and that's again something that is up to the patient to decide how much of the bridge they want to have reduced. I could certainly reduce it more if they wish. That's an improvement in her nose, here you can see the before and after. I think also what was very helpful in this consultation was when I showed her these side by side photos, I made a small suggestion that perhaps we brought her chin forward a little bit that would also balance her profile out slightly.Again, rather than just saying to her “Hey, I think we should just bring your chin forward, well what do you think it looks like if we bring your chin forward…” and I can show her rather than just telling her. I thought it would be nice if we could just get her chin to come forward a little bit so that it sort of caught up with the position of her forehead. So this is probably moderate augmentation of her chin as well.This is her before rhinoplasty and chin augmentation and this is what we would expect after, and I think it makes a really big difference when you do both of them. So this is again is an example of identifying a feature that perhaps the patient wasn't aware of, showing them how making a change to that feature has an effect on their overall profile and in addition to making a change to the nose.

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