April 5, 2024

Computer Imaging Case Study 2 Hump Reduction & Tip Rotation

Computer Imaging Case Study 2 Hump Reduction & Tip RotationVideo transcript: Here's another example of rhinoplasty computer imaging and how it's actually really important to discuss the changes you are going to make before the surgery. Here's an example of someone with a fairly high bridge. When we talked about initially taking the bridge down so this is with reduction of the bridge to make it look a little straighter and I think one of the things you'll notice is when you take the bridge down that's all you do.In her case it tends to make the nose look very long because we haven't actually addressed her nasal tip, so when she came to see me she was hoping to have the bridge height taken down and I thought that was a good idea but I think once I showed her what that would look like she then realized that maybe we could do something with the tip as wel. I had recommended for her was rather than go from having a high bridge to a straight bridge, I would actually increase the tilt or rotate up the nasal tip.When I rotate her nasal tip up, you'll see it tends to make the nose a little shorter. This is with the bridge taken down and the tip rotated up and that looks much more natural. These are the photos of the actual surgical results. I think this is a good example of how you can predict the surgical results with the imaging or at least we can give the patients a glimpse into what that's going to look like so they can decide what nasal features they want to change and why they're changing those.

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