April 5, 2024

Computer Imaging Case Study 1 Hump Reduction

Computer Imaging Case Study 1 Hump ReductionVideo transcript: I thought we would show an example of computer imaging for the nose on profile view just to give you a sense for how when we change the nose it can have a net effect to the face overall. Sometimes the nose relates to the chin position and you'll notice in this case when I do her imaging what I am going to do in her case is bring her bridge down so that it's a little more straight.The position of her tip is quite good so I don't think that needs to be changed much but I think the bridge needs to come down to the point that it's a little straighter. This is her with a straight bridge, so before the imaging her nose is a little bit high. And I think you can almost get the sense that her chin may not look large enough, maybe it's a little bit small, but once you take the bridge down, her chin actually appears to line up better with her forehead, so I think overall the facial balance has improved by reducing the bridge of the nose and nothing else needs to be changed. That's not always the case.This is her side by side, this is before the surgery, and this is the proposed changes for after the surgery. Now I'll just show you the actual results. Her bridge is probably a little bit too high preoperatively and now we've brought it down so it's nice and straight.And again, I think it actually makes the chin look slightly more projected which I think for her is ideal.

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