April 5, 2024

Best Use of Consult Time

Best Use of Rhinoplasty Consultation TimeVideo transcript: How can a patient best make use of their consultation time with me? I think the most important thing it to come to the consultation prepared, I think it is very helpful if patients read as much information as they can from our website so they get enough idea of what's involved with a rhinoplasty surgery. I think what is most important in the consultation with me it to make sure that the patient communicates to me what types of changes that they really want to make to their nose.We will use computer imaging to try to reshape their nose to their liking but they have to have a good sense for what they like and don't like. I want to be discussing things like what's possible and what's not possible what degree of change is going to look natural and what's not. I want to show patients what those changes are going to look like and make sure the two of us are in agreement, so that the day of surgery I am performing the surgery that they are expecting and they are wanting.Details like how to schedule the surgery, the costs, the prescriptions all of those other things are taken care of by the other staff members in our practise so I really want our patients to try to focus on the surgical procedure and the expectations for the outcome when they are talking to me.

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