April 5, 2024

Amanda's Rhinoplasty Part 6: Tip Rotation Via Columellar Setback

Amanda's Rhinoplasty Part 6: Tip Rotation Via Columellar Setback

Now that her bridge has been reduced and rhineon horns smoothed, Dr. Buonassisi turns his attention to Amanda's tip. A natural looking rhinoplasty rarely involve changes to just one part of the nose - expert rhinoplasty surgeons like Dr. Buonassisi will make a series of small changes to the bridge and tip of the nose.The angle between Amanda's nose and upper lip is too narrow - making her look like her tip is a bit droopy (and also adding to a slightly grumpy appearance even though Amanda is an extremely pleasant young woman). Dr. Buonassisi uses a columelar setback technique to rotate her tip upwards.Wait until you see her rhinoplasty before and after photos. The slight tip rotation probably makes the most dramatic and positive change to her overal facial appearance.

You can also watch (no surgery footage here) - a 4 part documentary that follows  Amanda as she consults with Dr. Buonassisi, has surgery and recovers.

If you have in interest in seeing actual footage of her surgery (warning graphic content of a real patient having surgery):

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