April 5, 2024

Alar Base Reduction Explained

About Alar Base Reduction Nostril NarrowingVideo transcript: Nostril narrowing is an objective that is quite commonly requested but actually rarely performed and the reason is that when we narrow the nostrils it often changes the shape substantially and it is not always ideal. For someone with very broad nostrils I think it is a very appropriate manoeuvre but is is actually much less commonly used that one might think. I think there are some significant drawbacks to nostril narrowing and the main one is that it changes the shape of the wall of the nostril. Normally the wall has a very round smooth contour and when you narrow the nostrils sometimes it becomes a little more square looking. I don't think it looks as natural as some of the other changes that we make to the nose if its appropriate and the nostrils are significantly too wide. I think it is very good manoeuvre but less commonly used that what some people might think.For more information about Augmentation Rhinoplasty, please take a look at these useful videos:

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